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Friday 16 July - Session #1 of the NATIVE Minds series, 'Māori Beacons Of Our Time'

The way we grow or purchase our food has a direct bearing on the functioning of the engine we call our body. Ancient and new knowledge about the soil beneath our feet and the moon above, offer ways to ensure we consume the food that will give us good health. Guest speakers include Jessica Hutchings (Mahi mara parakore/soil sovereignty).

This series of interactive discussions takes you up close and personal with a selection of Native Minds whose personal passions serve as beacons for all people of Aotearoa. A chance to take some light with you as you enter the Māori New Year.

This NATIVE Minds series is part of Matariki Lighting the Beacons Festival, a month-long arts festival held across the Kāpiti region, July 2-24. For more info and events, head to http://matariki.maorilandfilm....

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