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NZSO Setting up Camp: Nachtmusik

WA Mozart Serenata notturna
Britten Sinfonietta
Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

The serenade (or, in German, "Nachtmusik") was historically performed on a quiet and pleasant night, in commemoration of a loved or honoured figure. Mozart's two Serenades are beautiful examples of the form. His Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is possibly Mozart's most famous work, with its familiar leaping intervals in its opening tune. His Serenata notturna, written when Mozart was just 20, is less well known, but is nevertheless steeped in Mozart's characteristic vim, vigour, and grace.

Britten wrote his Sinfonietta when he too was just a young man, and, like Mozart, this early work already shows the best of Britten -- piquant use of timbre, ear-catching orchestral textures, and sweeping romantic colour.

Show Times

7:30 pm | 10/06/2022

Ticket Types

Adult $35
Concession $32
Student/Child $15
Wheelchair space with free companion $15-$35
Ticket fees apply.