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Remember Me

See the world through the eyes of 14-year-old Stephy in this heartwarming, thrilling show that will have you on the edge of your seat. Remember Me is a heartwarming and vibrant anecdotal dive into a whirlwind of emotion and love, following the journey of a young girl and her beautiful Nana.

Nine different characters provide a multitude of insights into the effect Dementia has on the surrounding community and the extent to which lives change. Giving insight to life with dementia and the internal and external battles that victims may face in everyday life. Tears, laughter, and original live music underline this theatrical experience and propel us through character Penny’s own story of dementia, showing us just how much we may take for granted once it's gone.

Remember Me has a poetic nature, bringing a sense of beauty and colour to the stereotypical dementia experience, paying homage to the true events writer Stevie faced as she grew up, as Nana Patricia’s diagnosis meant she deteriorated in the opposite direction.

Show Times

7:30 pm | 10/05/2024

Ticket Types

Allocated Seating:
Adult $30
Super Gold Card Special $25
Child/Student $20
Wheelchair Space + Companion Seat $40
*Ticket fees apply.