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Small Town

“When you’re growing up in a small town, and you’re having a nervous breakdown; and you think that you’ll never escape it, yourself or the place that you live.”
An immersive, musical, theatre experience that takes the premise of Lou Reed and John Cale’s track “Small Town”, from their 1990 album “Songs For Drella”, the affectionate name used for Andy Warhol by his inner sanctum.
Set in Paekakariki 2020, it follows the story of Lou, John and Nico, three struggling musicians who decide to form a Velvet Underground tribute band in order to get the funds to make their first album.

Rated M: contains domestic violence and offensive language

Show Times

7:30 pm | 15/07/2020
7:30 pm | 16/07/2020
7:30 pm | 17/07/2020

Ticket Types

GA $20.50