The Raumati Night Market

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The Raumati Night Market

Unwind in a truly delightful setting as the sun gracefully sets on another lovely evening in our charming community - join us for a relaxed gathering that captures the essence of our local treasures...

Indulge in the pleasure of delicious kai, thoughtfully prepared by our local culinary talents. The flavours are a tribute to our roots, reminding us of familiar tastes that comfort the soul.

Stroll through the stalls adorned with handmade crafts, each item narrating a unique story of local artistry. From cozy textiles to expressive artworks, these creations add a touch of personality to the evening.

The air will be gently filled with live music, courtesy of our gifted local musicians. Their melodies create a soothing ambiance, perfect for those seeking a moment of tranquility.

No need for extravagant plans or elaborate arrangements. This night market, tagged with #LocalTreasures and #NightMarketMagic, embodies the quiet charm of our community. Whether you're a long-time resident or a passerby, we'd be delighted to have you with us.

Embrace the simplicity of the evening, enjoy the company of your neighbours, and relish in the small moments that make our place feel like home. We hope to see you there!

Show Times

5:00 pm | 15/09/2023

Ticket Types

Free entry
Bring money for food trucks & market stalls