Trial By Jury

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Trial By Jury

After a long period of lockdown, including many (many!) online rehearsals, the Light Opera Company of Khandallah, Johnsonville And Western Suburbs (The Lockjaws) are finally meeting their new director, Cynthia Fortitude. But now that the day is here, half of the cast have gone missing… No-one can find the costumes…. And the truck carrying the set has been impounded!

Director Cynthia Fortitude does her best to rally the troops - compromises will HAVE to be made!

This recipe for disaster is the genesis of our new adaptation of Trial by Jury - starring Helen Moulder as Cynthia Fortitude, opera star and the brand-new director of this eccentric collection of players.

Written and directed by Alison Hodge, with Musical Direction by Michael Vinten.

Don't miss this completely original take on an old favourite!

Duration: 70 minutes, no interval.

Show Times

1:00 pm | 5/12/2020
4:00 pm | 5/12/2020

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