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Ladies and Gentlemen – please take your seats!

Your donation to the Kāpiti Performing Arts Centre will place the name of your choice in the spotlight of the Coastlands Theatre.

Businesses, families and individuals are invited to create a prominent legacy in this outstanding performing arts complex. Your gift will be commemorated with a personalised elegant plaque mounted on our theatre seats, with additional benefits depending on sponsorship level. There will be a special performance for seat sponsors.

Here are some reasons people have sponsored a seat already:

  • to advertise a business (platinum chairs get exposure on the sponsor board and in print/social media)
  • to support the community/arts (giving back, paying it forward)
  • to leave a legacy for loved ones (for children & grandchildren)
  • in memory of a loved one (a lasting memorial seat)
  • to celebrate your family name (sponsoring a seat together with other family members)
  • to honour your club, band, group, society, class (sponsoring a seat together with others)
  • to show gratitude as former/current Kapiti College student/whanau/staff member
  • to celebrate a special day (wedding, engagement, anniversary, graduation) or achievement.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to leave a lasting legacy in our community theatre. What’s your idea? Share it with us on Facebook.

Still want to buy a seat?

Seats are still available, please contact Kim for more info.

Kim Moody

Phone 04 902 5121 Ext 846
Email: [email protected]